Guaranteed Piano Tuning with Computer Accuracy
Guaranteed Piano Tuning with Computer Accuracy

Piano Tuning

Complete Piano Services has been in operation since 1994. Since then Todd White has been serving Calgary as a full time piano tuner. This adds up to plenty of experience doing thousands of tunings on all makes and models of pianos.

Specializing in well known brand names such as

Personalized Service

You and your piano will receive the benefit and consistency of having the same piano technician come to your house each time. This guarantees consistency in service and tuning style. Your appointments are at a set time and punctuality is guaranteed.


You will receive reminders in the mail to let you know when it is “Tuning Time”. Booking your appointment is just as easy!  All you have to do is phone 403-720-2200 or email That is one less thing for you to worry about.

Computer Accuracy

State of the art tuning software is used to guarantee consistent results and beautiful sounding pianos. The computer software speeds up the tuning process and is extremely accurate, while maintaining that the human ear must make all of the final decisions.

Two different software programs are used.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With over 3000 satisfied customers to date, most referrals come by word of mouth.

If there is ever any concern with your piano service Todd White guarantees that he will work with you until you are satisfied.

"Dedicated. Reliable. Trustworthy.

These words describe Todd White at Complete Piano Services. He has been tuning my piano since 1998. I've recommended him to many of my piano students' parents and music friends who are also satisfied customers."
Janice Park Wong, Piano Teacher

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