Piano Keys, Action, Strings, and Tuning Pins
Piano Keys, Action, Strings, and Tuning Pins

Other Services

Aside from providing piano tuning services in the Calgary area, the following services are also available. Due to Calgary’s dry climate pianos often suffer the consequences, which can result in shrinking or cracking to many of the major wood components.

Action Maintenance

Touch regulation, hammer voicing, and key leveling services can be done in your home. Larger jobs such as hammer carding or hammer replacement, bridal strap replacement, and other parts replacement are best done by taking the action (the hammer assembly) into the shop.

Rebuilding & Restoration

Rebuilding or restoration services are available, which include:

Piano Moving

Most of the above services are best done in the shop. In some cases the entire piano needs to be moved.

Extreme Piano Moving specializes in this, a company that provides professional, punctual, and skilled service. We will arrange for your piano moving to the shop, or if you are relocating you can contact Fraser at (403) 860-8994.

"Personable, Honest, and Thorough.

I recommend Todd to any of my students who are looking for a piano tuner and I plan to call on him to keep my piano making music for many years to come."
Jennnifer Latta
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