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Your kids deserve a well tuned piano.

Todd White Complete Piano Services

Calgary piano tuner, expert in piano tuning and piano repair services.

Did you know . . ? Piano tuning needs to be done at least once per year no matter how often your piano is played.

Be fair to your children . . . A tuned piano is extremely important to the student, whether it is yourself or your children. If you learn how to play on an out of tune piano you are not giving your ears a chance to be trained properly. You will also be missing out on the opportunity to enjoy what you are listening to. After all, it should be musical.

Protect your piano! If you wait too long to tune your piano you can actually risk damaging the soundboard. If you take care of your piano it will last for several decades.

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"Todd White has worked miracles with my piano.

...professional, courteous, and informs his clients of any   technical issues in easy to understand terms. Todd White is a master of his trade."
Jamai Moltzahn B.A. Music - U of A
Piano Teacher-15 years

Todd White Complete Piano Services
Calgary, Alberta, Canada